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Monday, February 27, 2006

Drugged and dragged

People think that drugs (ex. shabu) are bad for our health, which is true and it may cause damage to our brain. But we don't know that its bad if we abuse it and use it in a wrong perceptives. I have a friend who uses it and trust me he won't stop until finally he experience whats the side effect of it. I ask him to stop, but he just argue with me and give me a bullshit answer that it wont kill him or its not bad for him. Yeah its true that you'll be up and have all the energy needed, for work, for cleaning the house and even have energy to party all night without sleeping and makes you talk alot. Drug users don't know the side effects of it. They just know whats the effect of the drugs on them. After partying several days without sleeping, it'll make your brain restless and it will not even function good. Twitching is one of the effect of abused drugs, do you know what it means? it means you're so hyper that you're doing things that you shouldnt have to do and you can't controll them. Drug messed up your brain and after experiencing the thorough peak ratio of the drug the effect will go down and makes you feel tired. Your mind will be tired and you even want to sleep but you can't sleep. Some people i've asked "why do you use drugs"? and they always respond to a shitty answer "To make me feel alive and not to be LAzy " or they even answer "I don't want to be fat". There are so many ways not to be Lazy and how to loose weight without giving damage to your brain. Drugs will dragged you down if you don't know how to controll it or even stop using it. Stop Drugs and start doing something productive.